the sacrament 

It’s that time again. I can smell the excitement in the air,  can feel it deep in my marrows. My arms grip the steering wheel tighter as I navigate the pothole ridden road,  driving slowly but surely to my temple. 

Damn. It’s been so long. So so long! 

 I park the vehicle in front of the cabin,  step out and walk over to the passenger’s side,  opening the door like the gentleman I am. The gentleman my mother taught me to be. 

The raven haired girl was still asleep, her not so bountiful bossom heaving up and down gently as she breathed.  continue reading......


It was a clear black night. The moon shone in all its majestic radiance, round and full, surrounded by little white dots twinkling brightly, casting their celestial lights on the open field.

A long howl could be heard in the background, followed by a responding hoot from a wide eyed owl.

A circle stood in the field, formed by figures, men and women, clad in black hooded robes, one of them holding a long staff. 
In the middle of the circle stood two bodies, the moonlight betraying their young ages, and their opposite sexes. continue reading......

Givers Forum 

Harriet stared intensely at the smart phone, the bright light from its screen illuminating the dark room, her right thumb rapidly clicking the refresh button.

I need this, I need this now. Before it’s too late.

There was a sharp ping as a new notification popped up. 

Harriet felt her heart rate  elevate as she opened the message.

It was simple: 

“You have been paired. Kindly click the link below and follow all instructions to the letter. Thank you”

Yes! Finally! She could feel tears of joy well up in her eyes.  continue reading......