my best friend 

​That’s my best friend that’s my best friend 

My best friend has always been with me

From the very beginning 

Been by my side

Fed me when I was hungry 

Soaked my temple when I was alone and overheating 

….That’s my best friend that’s my best friend….

Was there through the good times 

When there was nothing but smiling faces and sunny days 

Bowls of isiewu and bottles of God’s liquid

Guiding this heavenly nutrition straight to my mouth continue reading......


​This time of day.

The time of day when the stars shine brightest, trying to illuminate a world that doesn’t really need its presence, a world capable of lighting itself up.

The time of day when the roads are free as air, with an occasional vehicle racing across the coal tar, its occupant too drunk to have a care in the world.

It’s this time of day. 

The time of day when the die-hard workers still walk the streets, their bountiful wares jiggling carelessly in their short dresses, their lips too tired to remain pouted, hustling for that last buck. continue reading......

dead rose

I always thought I was destined to walk this earth alone, till I crossed paths with a goddess, skin bright like ivory

Alas it wasn’t meant to be, for we spoke a different language and bowed before different deities

Then I met me a queen, tall and lithe

Full of regality, head held high

My very own Nefertiti 

And it was all rosy at first, till the gods blessed me with the same gift that they gave to Oedipus

Now I’m stuck listening to Lana Del Rey & The Weeknd,  wondering if truly I am destined to walk alone, with a box full of magnums and no particular hole to call my own continue reading......