the big O

“Yes baby! Right there, right there, right there!!!!  Ooohh, ooohhh”

“You like that don’t you?”

Clara felt the palm connect to her behind before she could reply, sending a mixed sensation of pain and pleasure ripple across her body.

“I said you like that don’t you!!”

“Yes papi. I like that a lot”

She could feel the sweat dripping off his bearded face onto her arched back as his stiff rod slid in and out of her, pounding away with no remorse, her screams being muffled by the pillow, her face pinned into it by his left hand wrapped around her neck, loud music blasting from the speakers in the living room.  continue reading......

The Prayer

Remy stretched his arms, a slight smile on his face as he opened his eyes. The smile increased as he felt an arm unconsciously reach out to him, trying to draw him closer.

So last night was real! Nice!
Up until the initial stroke, he had refused to believe he wasn’t dreaming. It was too good to be true. Way too surreal to be reality. The buxom brunette beauty and her platinum blonde friend still sleeping beside him suggested otherwise though. This was real! 

He looked around the hotel room. Two empty bottles of champange, a half filled bottle of vodka, different articles of clothing and an empty box of rubbers were strewn across the floor. It had been a wild night.  continue reading......