It was a clear black night. The moon shone in all its majestic radiance, round and full, surrounded by little white dots twinkling brightly, casting their celestial lights on the open field.

A long howl could be heard in the background, followed by a responding hoot from a wide eyed owl.

A circle stood in the field, formed by figures, men and women, clad in black hooded robes, one of them holding a long staff. 
In the middle of the circle stood two bodies, the moonlight betraying their young ages, and their opposite sexes. continue reading......

raison d’etre

The sharp ringing of the phone pierced the stillness of the night.

Jared reached across the buxom female beside him, his fingers grazing her nipples before grabbing  the phone vibrating on the night stand.
She let out a slight moan before turning over, the navy blue quilt wrapped around her body shifting up, revealing a glimpse her ivory colored bottom.
The voice on the other end of the phone spoke in measured tones.

“The transfer has been authenticated. It’s a go.”
“Good. You’ll hear from me once it’s done.” continue reading......

the wedding Crasher

​The birds chirped away happily as the church bells tolled. The parking lot was filled with cars of all types, but one stood out. It was a Toyota Prado, its black paint glistening under the sunlight. But what made this particular car stand out wasn’t its beautiful paint job, neither was it the well polished chrome grill. It was the colourful decorations on the car, and the customized vanity plate which read ‘The Newly Weds’ 

Inside the church, the almost newly weds were just done exchanging vows.  continue reading......

The Prayer

Remy stretched his arms, a slight smile on his face as he opened his eyes. The smile increased as he felt an arm unconsciously reach out to him, trying to draw him closer.

So last night was real! Nice!
Up until the initial stroke, he had refused to believe he wasn’t dreaming. It was too good to be true. Way too surreal to be reality. The buxom brunette beauty and her platinum blonde friend still sleeping beside him suggested otherwise though. This was real! 

He looked around the hotel room. Two empty bottles of champange, a half filled bottle of vodka, different articles of clothing and an empty box of rubbers were strewn across the floor. It had been a wild night.  continue reading......

Just a Dream…..

The owl gave out a long hoot, as if giving its tacit approval to what was going on inside the grey shanty. Even the crickets were quiet, their chirping down to the lowest decibel. They all understood.

It was that time again!!

                         • • • • • •

She stood over the sink, trying to wash away the sleep from her eyes.

 It had happened again. 

The dream had been more lucid this time. They were usually hazy, with her having no recollection when she woke up, just feeling slightly sore. continue reading......