The Delivery Man

Sarah wobbled to the road. 

Damn. I can’t wait for this to be over. And to think I’d been praying for this for so long

She  rubbed her protruding belly softly, her hands feeling a slight kick as the life inside her responded to the barrage of warm emotions that flowed through Sarah’s heart.

She smiled. After all, less than 9 months ago, she’d have given anything to feel the way she felt now.

Like a real woman. 

After so many long years. After hundreds of thousands spent on different procedures, experimental and otherwise. After the visits to so many so called religious houses, looking for that elusive miracle. continue reading......

raison d’etre

The sharp ringing of the phone pierced the stillness of the night.

Jared reached across the buxom female beside him, his fingers grazing her nipples before grabbing  the phone vibrating on the night stand.
She let out a slight moan before turning over, the navy blue quilt wrapped around her body shifting up, revealing a glimpse her ivory colored bottom.
The voice on the other end of the phone spoke in measured tones.

“The transfer has been authenticated. It’s a go.”
“Good. You’ll hear from me once it’s done.” continue reading......

the wrong one 

Cody woke up with a start, a dull throb in his head. He could still feel the peppery sting in his eyes. It took a couple of minutes for them to adjust to the darkness.

Where am I? What is going on? Where is She? 

He tried to moved his hands, but they could only move as far as the handcuffs let him.

There was a slight creak as the door opened. Cody felt the rush of wind a split second before the hard palm connected to his face, the resounding slap echoing in the room.

“Wake up, mutula. The boss wants to speak to you” continue reading......

Givers Forum 

Harriet stared intensely at the smart phone, the bright light from its screen illuminating the dark room, her right thumb rapidly clicking the refresh button.

I need this, I need this now. Before it’s too late.

There was a sharp ping as a new notification popped up. 

Harriet felt her heart rate  elevate as she opened the message.

It was simple: 

“You have been paired. Kindly click the link below and follow all instructions to the letter. Thank you”

Yes! Finally! She could feel tears of joy well up in her eyes.  continue reading......

the wedding Crasher

​The birds chirped away happily as the church bells tolled. The parking lot was filled with cars of all types, but one stood out. It was a Toyota Prado, its black paint glistening under the sunlight. But what made this particular car stand out wasn’t its beautiful paint job, neither was it the well polished chrome grill. It was the colourful decorations on the car, and the customized vanity plate which read ‘The Newly Weds’ 

Inside the church, the almost newly weds were just done exchanging vows.  continue reading......