The Delivery Man

Sarah wobbled to the road. 

Damn. I can’t wait for this to be over. And to think I’d been praying for this for so long

She  rubbed her protruding belly softly, her hands feeling a slight kick as the life inside her responded to the barrage of warm emotions that flowed through Sarah’s heart.

She smiled. After all, less than 9 months ago, she’d have given anything to feel the way she felt now.

Like a real woman. 

After so many long years. After hundreds of thousands spent on different procedures, experimental and otherwise. After the visits to so many so called religious houses, looking for that elusive miracle. continue reading......

Givers Forum 

Harriet stared intensely at the smart phone, the bright light from its screen illuminating the dark room, her right thumb rapidly clicking the refresh button.

I need this, I need this now. Before it’s too late.

There was a sharp ping as a new notification popped up. 

Harriet felt her heart rate  elevate as she opened the message.

It was simple: 

“You have been paired. Kindly click the link below and follow all instructions to the letter. Thank you”

Yes! Finally! She could feel tears of joy well up in her eyes.  continue reading......


This is a joke. You might say it’s a dirty joke, but it’s sole purpose is to have you laughing so hard your sides hurt. If you don’t see it that way, well……. That’s YOUR problem!
Nah, I’m just kidding, but I do hope you enjoy it as much as I did…..

A guy goes to a monastery. There he is told that before he can be accepted as a monk he has to go through a series of tests. He passes all these & is given the final & most important test; he is stripped & a bell is tied to his dick, naked nuns are paraded in front of him & if the bell rings, he’s failed the test. Well the nuns are paraded & sure enough, the bell rings. The guy asks for a re-trial, which is granted, and the bell rings again. This goes on for a while, so the guy complains sayin that this is an impossible test for any man to pass, so to prove him wrong, 10 monks are brought in & bells are tied to their dicks. The nuns are paraded in front of them & none of their bells ring. Meanwhile the guy’s bell is ringing like mad & it falls off.  continue reading......