Edible Catering

Mama Divine beamed as she watched the sea of bodies struggle for a spot in front of the line. 

“Ah ah,  it’s my turn na”

“I’ve been standing here since o”

“Omo no try yourself o, better put my own!”

She couldn’t believe it. There’s so many of them. 

Some in their suit and ties,  some in their labourer shorts. There was even a woman wearing a bridal dress!

She glanced at the corner, and let out an involuntary spurt of laughter.  continue reading......


​This time of day.

The time of day when the stars shine brightest, trying to illuminate a world that doesn’t really need its presence, a world capable of lighting itself up.

The time of day when the roads are free as air, with an occasional vehicle racing across the coal tar, its occupant too drunk to have a care in the world.

It’s this time of day. 

The time of day when the die-hard workers still walk the streets, their bountiful wares jiggling carelessly in their short dresses, their lips too tired to remain pouted, hustling for that last buck. continue reading......

Happy Endings

​This feels like a dream come true!!

Felicia looked resplendent in her bright white wedding gown as she walked down the aisle. She paused for a second as she stared at his clean shaven face, the smile on her face widening, as she struggled not to let the tears destroy her beautiful make-up.

I can’t believe this is happening. It feels like a wonderful dream!

                                 ••••• continue reading......

once bitten…… 

​The bus stopped by the road. Some passengers alighted, rushing to relieve themselves, others to stretch their legs and refuel their grumbling bellies. I remained in my usual traveling spot, back seat of the bus, a good vantage position to scope out my fellow travelers, headphones on to discourage all unwanted conversations. This particular bus was full of ‘dry’ passengers, so I’d dozed off to the sound of Chingy rapping in my ears. 

The driver horned impatiently. Everyone started getting back into the bus. And that was when I saw her. She must have come in while I was dozing. Her skin was a light caramel color, natural hair tied up in a bun (just the way I like it). She was tall, with taut breasts (probably a C-cup), a small tight waist and an averaged sized ass. She looked around as she got back into the bus, her eyes lingering on me for an extra second or two, before sitting down. continue reading......

Chipping Time

Finally, the moment had arrived. After all the preparations, the time had come to put our skills to the test. No matter how many times we did this, the rush was always there, just like the first time. As we took our seats, pens in hand and ‘chips’ on stand by, my mind did one of things oyibo people call a flashback……

Fresh jambites we were, feeling fly and also happy that we’d finally gained admission into the university. It was time to really see if all those tales of university adventures were true. Parties, parties and more parties. But in the midst of all this flexing we still devoted enough time to our studies. After our 1st year, results came out! “Damn!”, “what the fuck?”, these are the best expressions to describe our thoughts on seeing those results. Me and my closest hommies, Lampy, Face and Kponk decided to restructure our game plan. Maybe we were reading with our secondary school techniques. It was time to upgrade to the uni level. continue reading......