About Me


Having a rough day? Stressed out? Maybe you are stuck in traffic and just need something to take your mind away from your present situation. Or you just like to read for fun! 

Then this blog is for you! A portal that transports you to a world of well written, spine tingling and all round entertaining stories! All 100% original. Thoughts flowing from the beautifully insane mind of yours truly.

I’m an avid reader/ tv addict with a personal preference for all things macabre, the influences of which you’ll definitely feeling seeping through my stories.

Random fact: I’m a huge Stephen King fan (Stephen the  king, as I like to call him)

But enough talk. Go ahead, take a look for yourself. I guarantee you’ll definitely like what you see, so much infact that I advise you to just go ahead and hit the subscribe button now, so you’ll never miss a post from your new favourite story teller.  ?