the Encounters

The dreams always started the same. A quiet knock on the door,  followed by a voice softly whispering my name, asking, almost pleading even, to be let in. 

I never remembered their faces, there was too many of them to even try. But the sounds of their voices,  that always stayed with me. That I could never forget. 

Sensual,  sultry,  whispering sinful promises from full lips.

God, their voices I always remembered. 


“Come in”

The door swings open and she walks into the room. 

Her heels barely make a sound as she slowly moves across the lush carpet, lighting up the candles with barely a flick of her wrist, filling the air with their rosemary scented fragrance,  the blue hue of the candles making her look almost ethereal in her white kimono. 

She has nothing on underneath that kimono. I don’t know how I know, I just do.

She pushes me to the couch,  the only piece of furniture in the room, still not saying a word.

They barely talk,  yet I can always hear everything.

I can already feel myself grow as she kneels in front of me,  taking a minute to tie her long raven black hair into a pony tail,  before hastily unbuttoning my jeans, her long nails grazing my belly. 

She’s a rough one. I like that. The last one had been gentle. Almost too gentle. 

I feel her mouth touch me, taking me in my still semi flaccid state into her mouth. She begins to suck,  her right hand cupping my ball sac,  gently fondling. I can feel myself grow bigger in her mouth,  and she senses it too because she starts to suck faster,  her mouth moving up and down,  making gargling noises that just make me grow bigger. 

I reach for her head,  forcing it down, trying to make her choke. In the candlelit room,  I can barely see a bulge in her throat before I feel her palm connect with my face. 


She laughs as she looks at me, spittle running down the corner of her mouth. 

“Don’t touch me. Not yet”.

The sound of her voice makes my dick jump, my swollen head nodding in agreement. 

“Yes ma’am”

She continues, sucking,  teasing,  her left hand stroking, her right hand fondling. 

I can’t take this anymore! 

I pull her head up, simultaneously lifting her up and ripping off her kimono. 

I knew she wasn’t wearing anything underneath.

“My turn”

I put her on the chair,  taking a moment to admire her body. Her nipples stand erect, like little eyes surrounded by freakishly round areolas,  her porcelain skin glowing under the blue tint of the candles. 

I spread her legs open, her divine smell filling the room,  her pussy glistening,  some of its wetness caught in the little tuft of hair. 

Oh God. I love that smell! I love the taste even more!! 

I put my nose closer,  inhaling, taking in all of her,  all of her essence, before I slowly bring my tongue out,  flicking, tasting, transferring her juices to my lips,  slathering them all over my beard. 

God is good. 


I feel her legs lock around my waist as I slide into her, her hands cupping my taut ass,  pushing me deeper inside all that wetness. 

I stroke faster,  harder. The faster I stroke, the deeper her nails dig into my back.  She showed no signs of slowing down,  which was impressive given all we had done. 

From her on top of me,  her soft round ass banging against my pelvis as she rode me,  my hands holding onto her beautiful breasts for dear life…

… her on all fours,  my left hand holding onto her long black hair like a saddle,  my right hand smacking her ass,  watching it ripple as I banged against it, into her,  over and over again….

… her laying flat on her belly,  me deep inside her,  stroking softly,  one hand around her neck, the other gently playing with that little pink button, my finger moving in circular motion as I stroked, her pussy gripping my dick tighter everytime she came. 

Yet she showed no signs of slowing down. 

I know what she wants. 

I rammed in deeper, her nails in my back sending wild signals to my brain. 

I love this shit!! 

I nibble at her ear,  moaning “I’m all yours” 

I instantly feel her get wetter, her hips moving faster as she matches my rhythm. 

I know what she wants. 


“I’m cumming mami”

“Give it all to me”

I move faster as I feel the build up. 

“Give it all to me” she says again, this time a more commanding tone in her voice. 

Her legs lock my waist in even tighter,  her arms wrapping around me,  as I pound faster,  harder, her hips responding to my every stroke. 

She’s about to cum too. They always cum at the same time. It’s divine!!! 

“Ohhh my Goooood” I moan as I shoot my load deep inside her. 


She screams as she cums too,  her arms locking me in tighter as she sinks her teeth into my neck,  her incisors piercing my skin,  my blood flowing into her receiving mouth. She sucks  even faster than she did when my dick was jumping in her mouth. 

I know what They want. 



The dreams always start the same. A quiet knock on the door,  followed by a voice softly whispering my name, asking, almost pleading even, to be let in. 

But this time there was something different. This time there were two voices. 

Damn! A threesome!!! This is awesome!!!! 

I barely even remember the last dream. 

I barely even feel the pain in my neck,  I don’t even feel the drop of blood slowly escaping from the barely healed punture wound on my neck.

The last one had bitten down way harder, way deeper,  and had sucked on way longer than usual.

I still feel a little dizzy. 

They must really want it badly, They usually  give me enough time to regain my fluids.

“Come in”

The door swings open and the voices walk in.  

I feel myself harden. 

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  1. How long can you go with all these encounter??🙄🙄🙄🙄…its a lovely write-up…. I really enjoyed my time reading it…

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