​This time of day.

The time of day when the stars shine brightest, trying to illuminate a world that doesn’t really need its presence, a world capable of lighting itself up.

The time of day when the roads are free as air, with an occasional vehicle racing across the coal tar, its occupant too drunk to have a care in the world.

It’s this time of day. 

The time of day when the die-hard workers still walk the streets, their bountiful wares jiggling carelessly in their short dresses, their lips too tired to remain pouted, hustling for that last buck.

The time of day when the only things open are legs, exposing that beautiful pink heaven, asking, begging, to get slid into, promising pleasures unmentionable.

The time of day when legs are wrapped around waists, or are bent at the knees, lips whispering soft words, promises that are forgotten as soon as the stiff rods go limp, rods too tired, drunk or carefree to pull out before spewing their seed.

It’s this time of day. 

The time of day when God’s children are asleep, breathing softly, deeply, their souls wandering around unprotected in that realm where almost anything is possible.

It’s this time of day. 

The time of day when we come alive. Creeping out of the holes that we were banished to by the sun, awake and hungry.

The time of day when we let loose, searching, wandering, yet focused on our mission.

The time of day when we slide in through the windows. It doesn’t matter how high up they are, we always make our way in.

The time of day when we stand above the cradles and watch the untainted ones as they sleep, their smell so pure, so sweet, so delicious.

The time of day when we like to reach out and gently caress their chubby cheeks, when we sometimes like to place a soft kiss on their tiny foreheads, as our bellies rumble.

The time of day when we feel a pang of hesitation, a feeling that is only fleeting, quickly taken over by rage!

We used to be His children! His loved ones! And He cast us aside for them!!!! Well, we will take as many as we can. Taint them! Take away the purity in them He loves so much! Use them to feed that emptiness we feel inside. Until He acknowledges the wrong He did to Us!!!

It’s this time of day.  The time when the forgotten ones come out to play. When we come out to flex our muscles. The only time we dare to. 

This time of day….. is Our time!!!

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