It was a clear black night. The moon shone in all its majestic radiance, round and full, surrounded by little white dots twinkling brightly, casting their celestial lights on the open field.

A long howl could be heard in the background, followed by a responding hoot from a wide eyed owl.

A circle stood in the field, formed by figures, men and women, clad in black hooded robes, one of them holding a long staff. 
In the middle of the circle stood two bodies, the moonlight betraying their young ages, and their opposite sexes.

The boy swayed a bit, a faraway look in his eyes, his adolescent reproductive organ throbbing. The girl stood taller, her body as firm as her posture. Dark red liquid trickled down her thighs, its coppery smell filling the air.

The hooded figure with the long staff walked towards the boy and girl. He pulled down the hood, revealing a dark, wrinkled face, his jaw covered with thick white hair.
“It is time my children”

Erumba had always been a prosperous place. Traders from far and wide preferred to do business there. Her products were good, her food delicious, and her citizens were beautiful and welcoming. Very welcoming.

Everyone knew there was something uncanny about the prosperity. Some people said it was supernatural. Whispered it. No one cared. After all, everyone and everything was going wonderfully well. Everyone was happy. 

Until the day the sky darkened.

It happened with no warning. One minute it was business as usual, the next the sun slowly but surely started disappearing from the sky. 
A deep growling could be heard across Erumba. (Afterwards, everyone agreed that the growling had sounded like a woman, one who had finally gotten to the limits of her patience.)
Then the earth started to tremble. A great wind stirred up, making its way through Erumba, uprooting every crop along its path. The earth beneath, as of trying to outdo the wind, opened up, like the mouth of a hungry infant, feeding on Erumba, swallowing every place of business, devouring it, like it had been starving.
Suddenly the sky cleared, the darkness disappearing, chased away by a seemingly triumphant sun that shone down on Erumba, exposing it like a husband caught enjoying the pleasures of a woman that wasn’t his bedmate.

Erumba was in ruins. In the twinkle of an eye the opulence that Her people enjoyed was taken away from them. 
Strangely, not a single life was lost. Not one. 

It happened again. 

Fifteen moon cycles had passed. Suddenly, the sky darkened, the earth let out a loud angry growl before opening up, and like before, it ended as suddenly as it had started. 

Another fifteen moon cycles passed, then it happened again.

The third time it happened, only nine moon cycles had passed. This time was different though. This time a group of children had disappeared, none of them older than sixteen harvest seasons.

In their place stood a tall, dark man with thick facial hair.
He called himself Mazi Ozigi and he had a message for them.

The land of Erumba was home to a benevolent goddess, Erunku. She was the reason for the unexplainable prosperity the people of Erumba had been enjoying for so long. But the people had gotten greedy, and attributed their wealth to just their hardwork, not giving her a single word of thanks or worship.
Erunku was angry. No longer would the people of Erumba continue to enjoy the fruits of her presence for free. Now there would be a price to pay. Once every five harvest seasons, as long as they wanted their beautiful Erumba to remain glorious. A price big enough to appease her anger. And sate her hunger. A price Mazi Ozigi would always come to collect. 

The drugs flowed through their veins, numbing their senses, stopping them from really comprehending what they were doing, what was about to happen to them. 

The girl winced slightly as she swiftly sat on the boy, feeling him slide into her, his stiff rod breaking her fleshy resistance. Fresh blood flowed out of her, this one a brighter colour than the dark red one that was already flowing from her womanhood, her body expelling its first ever unfertilized egg.

The figures in the circle started to hum, a low throaty sound.  

The girl moved faster, her hips thighs pressed tightly against the boy, the stones on the earth biting into his naked back.

The figures in the circle continued to hum.

The bearded man raised his staff.
“Erunku o merciful one, your children come before you once again. They come bearing gifts. Erunku o gracious one, accept their offering”

The figures in the circle continued to hum.

“Erunku o beautiful one, enjoy this banquet. Bodies, ripe and fruitful. Bodies, just experiencing its first flow of womanhood. Bodies, having never enjoyed the carnal pleasures of the flesh before now. Bodies, co-joined in sinful union. Erunku o powerful one, enjoy this offering”

The boy started to breath louder, his hips moving upwards faster, trying to match the quicker movements of the girl, not minding the bare stony earth beneath him, or the growling sound coming out from it.

The humming from the figures  continued as they instinctively retreated three steps back, making the wider, leaving the bearded man and the gyrating youthful bodies still in their middle.
“Erunku o jealous one, accept this offering. The fresh blood of a one forceful taken for the first time, mixed with her first flow of womanhood, with the seed of one enjoying his first taste of manhood. Erunku o powerful one! Feast! And rain shower blessings on your children!!!”
The earth trembled, the growling sound growing louder.

The blood started to flow. 

It was everywhere. Flowed out of every hole. Their eyes, noses, ears, mouths. 

It flowed out of the girls’ firm breasts, like an unholy meal for an even unholier child. It flowed out of the boys’ still erect manhood, straight into the girl. It flowed out of his anus, straight into the trembling earth. It flowed out of the pores of their skins, beady rivulets of red liquid. Its sickly sweet coppery smell filled the air.

The ground opened up, enjoying its meal, lapping it up with gusto. The bodies of the boy and girl slowly sank into the earth, as it closed up. The sound of their snapping bones could be heard, as Erunku chewed on her delicious meal, savoring every morsel.
The earth stopped trembling.

There was nothing left of the boy and girl. Not a single piece of bone. Not a single drop of blood. Erunku didn’t share. 

“Thank you, Erunku o merciful, for accepting this sacrifice. Protect your children, Erunku o benevolent one. Bless the works of their hands”.
A long growling sound could be heard in the ground. It sounded like a woman who had just had a very lovely meal. Or a satisfying round of sweat dripping sex. Probably both, in no particular order.
The hooded figures walked solemnly back to their vehicles, none of them saying a word, afraid to even look each other in the eye.

The clouds rumbled, flashes of lightening streaking across the sky.
One of the hooded figures stopped, staring up at the heavens.

It’s probably gonna rain soon. Or maybe God is expressing his displeasure at what we just did. What we’ve been doing for so long.

He shuddered, quickly stepping into his vehicle, the plush leather seats offering very little comfort. 

The Tall, Dark man quietly walked away, his long staff in his left hand, his thick white facial hair slowly turning jet black, the wrinkles on his face fading away, as he disappeared into the night.

       for Tata. Keep your head up………… 

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  1. Oh wow! It’s not even set in a remote village. I loved this story best of all that i’ve read.
    Because it kinda resonates more with our culture.

    Welldone Sizzle!

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