the big O

“Yes baby! Right there, right there, right there!!!!  Ooohh, ooohhh”

“You like that don’t you?”

Clara felt the palm connect to her behind before she could reply, sending a mixed sensation of pain and pleasure ripple across her body.

“I said you like that don’t you!!”

“Yes papi. I like that a lot”

She could feel the sweat dripping off his bearded face onto her arched back as his stiff rod slid in and out of her, pounding away with no remorse, her screams being muffled by the pillow, her face pinned into it by his left hand wrapped around her neck, loud music blasting from the speakers in the living room. 

She could feel the pressure building up. 

Oh shit! Oh shit! Twice in one day? 

“Oh my God, I’m cuming again baby. Ohhh, ohhh, this is ridiculous!! Arrrrrgggggghhhh”

Clara could feel her whole body vibrate. It was like a dam had suddenly burst forth, flowing from her wet centre, spreading all over her body, filling her with insurmountable pleasure. 

At the back of her mind, she thought she heard what sounded like growling. 

After what felt like a lifetime, she finally opened her eyes. It took another minute for her vision to clear. 

“Damn baby,  that was incredible”

Clara turned over to look at him. 

That was when the screaming began. 


Clara had never been an extraordinary girl. Everything about her just seemed average. 

Average height , pretty, but not in a room stopping,  head turning way. A cute small ass,  average sized breasts, not the type men seemed to go gaga over. 

She was the second to last kid, not spectacular enough to be the first kid, or even the last for that matter, and not even special enough to be the only girl in the group. 

Just average.

In the office it was practically the same. She put in enough hours so as not to be downsized, but was never even close to being a contender for employee of the month. She hung around with a few people, cracked a smile, laughed at a few jokes,  but was never visible enough for her absence to be noticed whenever she wasn’t around.

She was just there. 

Until Meka was transferred to her branch. 


The loud music continued blaring from the speakers, filling the room with the sounds of Nate Dogg asking to sneak into the backdoor.

Clara held her palms tighter against her mouth as she continued screaming.

Out of nowhere, a thought popped into her head. 

No one can hear me. The music is too loud. And even if they can hear me, they probably assume we are still fucking. 

A sudden calm seemed to wash over her. 

She looked at Meka again. And she could feel her body tingle, small ripples of ecstasy still flowing through her. 

This time she didn’t scream. 


Clara had always been fascinated with sex. Of course, that was usually all everyone around her seemed to talk about, but that was besides the point. 

The idea that something so invasive could supposedly be so pleasurable was hard for her to understand. Yet she couldn’t help but be intrigued. So she read a lot of books,  watched a lot of movies, listened to her friends talk about their mind-blowing experiences, and fantasized about hers, and how wonderful it would be. 

Her first time had been disappointing. So had the second and third attempt. 
They had just huffed and puffed, grunted for all of 2-3 minutes, and then rolled over, leaving her very very unsatisfied. 

So Clara had read some more, listened to more mind-blowing experiences, and watched a couple more movies. 

Maybe I should let them lick me down there first. Everyone says it’s wonderful. 

It wasn’t. 

It had felt like they were just slobbering all over her. She could actually feel their saliva dripping everywhere. One of them had even bitten her! 
And so Clara had resorted to just touching herself whenever she felt the pressure build up, knowing deep down that it wasn’t enough.

 She needed to feel what everyone else was feeling, to experience it, to share her own experiences.

She needed to not be average Clara anymore. 

She needed to relieve the pressure. She could feel it building, growing stronger and stronger. And hungrier. 

She needed to feed it. 


“Hi. I’m Meka. I couldn’t help but overhear you talk about Mr All Seeing Eye. Are you a fan of the show?”

Clara was tongue tied for a few seconds. 

He’s talking to me. Say something. 

“Yeah. It’s quite entertaining”

Meka smiled. 

The rest had been a beautiful blur. 

They had hung out a couple of times, a movie here, a wine tasting there, a bowl of ice cream, a few slices of pizza. 

And one day, today, she found herself on a green sofa with her skirt hiked up to her waist, her legs hunched up on Meka’s shoulders while his tongue softly moonwalked all over her clit, loud music blaring from the speakers in his living room, drowning out her ecstatic screams.

It had been everything she had imagined it would be, and more! 

Her first non self induced orgasm! 

She felt it flow all over her body. She wanted more of him. Not just his tongue this time. She wanted all of him, every inch, deep inside her. She needed him. She needed it! 

Something long asleep had finally woken up inside her. And it was hungry. 


Clara looked at Meka’s. At his body. Or what was left of it. 

His once muscular body was now nothing more than a slowly but steadily drying out husk, it’s life force being sucked out of him,  out of it,  and into her. 

She looked down at her still throbbing vagina. At what was sticking out of it. 

The fleshy tentacle was still there, its long, pale pink flesh glistening with a mixture of her juices and something red, probably her blood (and yet all I feel is pleasure). It was connected to the tip of Meka’s penis, its hungry mouth having attached itself to it as soon as Meka had pulled out, biting down, sucking every atom of life from it’s body, feeding,  transferring it to her. 

It felt soooooo gooooooood. 

No book had ever mentioned this, no movie, no office gossip. 

This is ecstasy. 

The tentacle suddenly detached itself from Meka,  leaving behind a mummified husk. It turned, facing Clara, a mixture of shredded Meka flesh and blood still dripping from it’s bloody teeth. 

It’s looking at me,  she thought. 

The tentacle let out another growl. This time it sounded like a hungry animal that had finally been sated. Temporarily. Slowly, the tentacle retracted, sliding slowly back into Clara, every movement sending a wave of pleasure ripple through her body. 


I don’t think anyone saw me coming in here. No one knows about me and Meka. If I leave quietly, no one’ll even know I was here. 

Clara turned off the tap, grabbing a towel as she stepped out of the shower. 

She slowly put her clothes back on. 

What the fuck just happened? 

She turned to look at the bed, the puddled mess of blood and flesh staring back at her, Meka’s dried out body sprawled out in the middle, looking like a shriveled dick. 

She had to hold on to the bathroom door as she felt another wave of pleasure flow through her body. 


Clara peeped out the window. 

All the neighbors were in their respective homes, in front of their televisions. 

The coast is clear. 

Clara briskly walked out of the apartment, using the handkerchief in her hand to wipe down the doors handle, the same one she’d used to wipe down all the surfaces in Meka’s flat. 

She could still feel her vagina throbbing, occasional spurts of pleasure still bursting forth from it. 

Whatever that was, it was wonderful. I want more! I need more!!!! 

The creature inside her growled in agreement. 

Inside the flat,  loud music still pumped out the living room , the sound of Fat Joe and Chris Brown asking for another round blaring out of the speakers. 

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    1. hmmmm. American gods you say. Think I need to watch it. Sounds like a show after my own heart. …

  1. You cannot write a straightforward story can u? Must always add some crazy ass twist like some M. NIGHT movie àbí… Nice read

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