The Mile High Club

I can’t keep on living like this.

The sultry smile remained plastered on Tiffany’s face as she slid down the pole, the strobe lights highlighting her sleek nubile body as she slowly moved to the sound of A$ap Rocky & Schoolboy Q trading bars over the beat of ‘Electric Body’.

As the DJ segued into another jam, she subtly looked around the club. It was filled with the usual customers. Men who came to ogle at naked bodies. Men who liked to grope at sweaty flesh, their fingers stuffing crumpled notes into the thongs continue reading......

Five loaves, version 2.0

​Ever had friends over, opened your fridge and just wished you could recreate the miracle of the 5,000? You know, the one where there was suddenly more than enough food to feed everybody?

Well, we’ve got the next best thing!!

That’s right, Jumia Black Friday is back! And this time Jumia Food is in on the action!!

From the 14th – 24th of November, participate in The Jumia Food Flash Sale. 

Fill those bellies with quality food without emptying your account!

Remember, na first come first serve. Omo, no dull yourself o, check out the menu here or click here to participate in the flash sale directly. continue reading......

The Prayer

Remy stretched his arms, a slight smile on his face as he opened his eyes. The smile increased as he felt an arm unconsciously reach out to him, trying to draw him closer.

So last night was real! Nice!
Up until the initial stroke, he had refused to believe he wasn’t dreaming. It was too good to be true. Way too surreal to be reality. The buxom brunette beauty and her platinum blonde friend still sleeping beside him suggested otherwise though. This was real! 

He looked around the hotel room. Two empty bottles of champange, a half filled bottle of vodka, different articles of clothing and an empty box of rubbers were strewn across the floor. It had been a wild night.  continue reading......