once bitten…… 

​The bus stopped by the road. Some passengers alighted, rushing to relieve themselves, others to stretch their legs and refuel their grumbling bellies. I remained in my usual traveling spot, back seat of the bus, a good vantage position to scope out my fellow travelers, headphones on to discourage all unwanted conversations. This particular bus was full of ‘dry’ passengers, so I’d dozed off to the sound of Chingy rapping in my ears. 

The driver horned impatiently. Everyone started getting back into the bus. And that was when I saw her. She must have come in while I was dozing. Her skin was a light caramel color, natural hair tied up in a bun (just the way I like it). She was tall, with taut breasts (probably a C-cup), a small tight waist and an averaged sized ass. She looked around as she got back into the bus, her eyes lingering on me for an extra second or two, before sitting down. continue reading......

Just a Dream…..

The owl gave out a long hoot, as if giving its tacit approval to what was going on inside the grey shanty. Even the crickets were quiet, their chirping down to the lowest decibel. They all understood.

It was that time again!!

                         • • • • • •

She stood over the sink, trying to wash away the sleep from her eyes.

 It had happened again. 

The dream had been more lucid this time. They were usually hazy, with her having no recollection when she woke up, just feeling slightly sore. continue reading......