nothing without Her……

She smiled, exposing a perfect set of teeth. He could feel his insides tingle. Her smile always had that effect on him.

From the very first day he had laid eyes on her, it had been love at first sight. Maybe it was the tone of her voice, like sweet angelic music to his ears. Maybe it was her eyes, windows into a soul that mesmerized you once gazed into that dark brown well, drawing you in, tempting, giving you a promise of things unspoken. Maybe it was the curve of her luscious lips, the way her tongue slightly touched them when she spoke. Maybe it was the way she laughed, loud, carefree and infectious, just like a child. continue reading......

House Cleaning…..

The nondescript building sat quietly by the road. No signposts to indicate what went on in there. It was just a regular office building. 

Inside it was just another day at the office. 

Barney tinkered with a few buttons before the generator finally complied, humming into life.

Inside, the air conditioners stirred, cool air blowing from their oscillating plastic blades.

Tony was hunched over, working on the report from the last job. Sam and Uju bickered like they usually do, arguing about inane subjects with Richard on the sidelines, always ready with a quick quip to stoke the flames once it appeared the argument was dying down. continue reading......

la petite mort…..

The mahogany door swung open after the second knock, not giving her enough time to fully study it’s intricate carvings.

“Follow me” the dark man said, turning away even before he had finished saying those two words.

Victoria stepped into the mansion, its bright white walls giving the airy room an ethereal atmosphere. The dark man walked across the room and into a corridor, not bothering to even look behind him to make sure Victoria was following him.
As they walked down the corridor, she noticed that the walls slowly but subtly took on a more menacing hue, so very different from that airy feel of the living room.
Victoria involuntarily shuddered as she felt goose bumps rise on her arms. continue reading......