Mary’s Baby 

​Just thinking about that place caused goose bumps to spread all over her arms. Her life had changed as soon as she had stepped into room 101c.

Mama Ifeoma’s abacha had been soooo goooood!! She’d missed meals like this, local meals that brought back sweet memories of her childhood in Onitsha, back when life was much simpler. She glanced over at her husband, his lips still red from his second helping of abacha, and smiled as she remembered the way he had wolfed the meal down. 

I need to learn how to prepare it for him.  continue reading......

The Weary Travelers Hotel….

There was a loud pop as the back tyre of the toyota camry burst. He struggled to get a grip on the steering wheel before finally putting the vehicle to a skidding stop.


As he stepped out of the vehicle, he heard two beeps, the sound of which was enough to make any heart flutter, the sound of his android phone’s battery losing the battle to survive and finally giving up the ghost.

Fuck!! Today is just not my day, he screamed inside. Phone dead, no spare tire and I have no idea where I am! continue reading......

The Payback

The DJ was on fire!!

This party is lit!!!!
Nze thought to himself. Probably the best he’d attended. And he’d attended a lot, especially with his homie Reggie.

Reggie, always down to party. They had bonded over their mutual love of glorious facial hair, & hot voluptuous women. And together the ladies were no match for them. A lot of dripping hips had ridden their bearded faces, and even more hearts had been broken. One too many hearts had been broken.

It was all in the game though.

Reggie had called him. “Nze, there’s this party happening tonight. It’s going to be as mad as Tolu’s party!!” continue reading......