thE StuFf thAt DreaMs are Made Of..

She tried to scream as his fist slammed into her face. He could feel her nose fracture under his knuckles. Blood flowed from the gash on her hand, where he had lovingly run the tip of his knife through.
He stared into her eyes, and the fear he saw in them sent a delicious quiver down his spine as he felt the hate welling up in him.

He had always known he would never find love. Accepted it. Had lived happily with it (except for the occasional voice deep down telling him he was missing something).

Then he saw her. continue reading......

The Job

Time for another job. Rico had it down to a science by now. Get in, do the job, get out, deliver the goods, get paid.
Business has really been booming, he thought as he subconsciously wiped the wet patch on his forehead with a handkerchief, it’s white color turning a bright reddish hue.

Ever since God had blessed Rico by making Samuel cross his path, business had been booming. Samuel had been pushing a lot of ‘special’ clients his way. Samuel, unassuming, church elder, charity contributor. Samuel, the perfect middle man. continue reading......