A Love Story

He spotted her staring at him from the corner of her eyes, her lashes fluttering as she sharply tried to avert her glance. Even though he couldn’t see her face, he could tell she was blushing. And could you blame her. He was a perfect combination of genes, blended together to produce the almost stereotypical romance novel man, you know, the tall, dark & handsome type. The stubble on his dimpled jaw just seemed to drive home the cliche.
He walked up to her
“It’s obvious you are here to see a movie. Can I ask which one?”
She smiled at him. And what a smile it was. She was breathtakingly beautiful, a single dimple on her right cheek. Her bossom seemed to be peeking at him from the top of her shirt, and her hips looked like they were made just to be ridden.
He felt a mild stirring.
“I’m here to see the new Deadpool movie”
There was a hint of butterscotch on her breath.
“Really? Are you into comics?”
“Yes. Or do you think girls can’t be fanboys too?”
That mild stirring suddenly got stronger. continue reading......