“Ok. I’m ready for you. You can start coming over”
Those words felt like I’d been told that I’d just won the lottery. I put on my jeans, sprayed some colongne and headed out. While locking my door, I did a quick mental run through..
Wallet, check.
Phones, check.
Bottle of wine, check.
Condoms, definitely.
It was finally going to happen. We had been doing the back and forth for a while now. We’d met at the mall. She had a smile that could make an impotent man hard melt an ice cube. I approached, did my thing and she fell.
(come to think of it, she fell too easily. Well, I’m a bearded god. They always fall).
We went on a couple of dates, me smiling on the outside while fantasizing about the things I would do to that ivory body! She wanted to take it slow though, so I (reluctantly) agreed. Lots of kisses and touches later, and she couldn’t take it anymore.
“I think I’m ready for you”
Those words sounded like rapture in my ears.
“I’ve been ready for a long time” I replied.
She agreed to get a hotel room, and call me when she was ready. continue reading......