Office hours

It’s been a while!!! Yeah I know!! My bad!! Work & all that stuff. Well, I’m back again with another short story {fiction ohh ;)}. Hope you enjoy it. As always your comments are welcome, just go easy on your boy…..

This shit has been going on for far too long. Being overlooked. All the stupid excuses.
‘Oh, you know that you are a bachelor na, you don’t have responsibilities’
‘Ah ah, you wey no get even wife, talkless of pikin, wetin you wan use money do’
And so on. Comments that had been eating deep into my soul. Yet I took it all with a smile on my face, & a faux non chalant attitude (whatever the hell that means). Everyone else making money, yet I’m the only one getting fatter. Which just gives them another excuse to give
‘Ah, you dey fresh oh, oboy you dey chop up’
Now they’ve loaded the final straw onto the bale that broke this homie’s back (pause). Mua!! Nwa onitsha ado!!! Mbanu!!!! continue reading......