It’s that time again. I can smell the excitement in the air, can feel it deep in my marrows. The urge has been building up for quite a while now, & finally it’s time to let it all out. I can hear the sound of her heels hitting the asphalt as she walks towards her gate.

 Oh my God, I hope she doesn’t hear the sound of my heart beating in this bushes. By now, I think I probably know her schedule better than that fake guy she calls her boyfriend. Oooh, the things I would love to do to him!! But for now she’ll have to suffice.
As she (her name is mary) fumbles in her purse for the keys to the gate, I creep up from behind her, the chloroform soaked rag ever ready. She turns around & I can see her pupils dilate in terror, but it’s already too late. I put the rag on her face, squeezing lovingly, while whispering tenderly in her ears “don’t fight it, just give in”. After a minute (or two, I’m so excited I can’t really tell), she stops kicking & her body falls limp into my arms. The hardest part is almost over.  continue reading......