For the past few days, this particular song by American r&b artist Mario has been on repeat in my head. You’ll probably know the song, it was quite popular back in the day, titled ‘let me love you’. I put this ‘happening’ up as my bbm update, and I got a lot of comments (I really have crazy contacts) , ranging from ‘I must be in love’, ‘it’s probably cos valentine’s day is around the corner’ ‘sizzle your own don finish’ to one from a wonderful cousin of mine ‘n*gga u gay!!!’ (This particular comment had me laughing out loud like a mad man).

    But all this got me thinking. Of late I’ve been feeling r&b tracks a whole lot, which is so unlike me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of those people that think r&b is for sissies,it’s just that I’ve always loved rap music, back in the days when we used to record songs on tapes from cosmo fm (enugu peeps know what I’m talking about), even before I got my first personal boom box and bought my first cd (Chingy’s Jackpot, incase you were wondering). From the gangsta themes of Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, 2pac, the more introspective rhyming of Nas, the drug dealing tunes of Jay-z to the more carefree jams of Ludacis, Nelly, CHINGY!!, etc, rap has always ‘done’ something for me. I constantly had to endure shouts of ‘TURN THAT DOWN!!!’ from my mum.

    Now cooler, dopey love songs have started creeping into my playlists. I think this started when r&b crooner trey songz hit the scene. Now I have more than a hundred r&b songs on my ipod, around 10-15% of my total songs, not a lot to some people, but a hell of a lot more than I had this time last year.

    What does this mean? Am I ‘growing up’? Getting more sensitive? Becoming ‘sissified’? Can’t really say, cos a lot of other things in my life are still the same.

    Oh well, whatever the reason is, I don’t really care cos I actually welcome this ‘romantic upgrade’. All I can say is, ladies you should definitely let me love you…

    P.S : I can’t stand more than 95% of the so called ‘pop’ songs out there. They all sound the same to me. But that’s a story for another day…

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