The air smells so good! It always does this time of the year.

It never matters which day it is, or which month. On this particular Wednesday, every year, the air always smells different, smells good.

Smells purified.

I glance back at the vase sitting elegantly on the altar, the light from the stained glass windows of the building reflecting off its silver body.

A smile slowly spreads on my face. I take a deep breath, adjust the collar on my neck, and walk towards the heavy oak doors.

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the Encounters

The dreams always started the same. A quiet knock on the door,  followed by a voice softly whispering my name, asking, almost pleading even, to be let in. 

I never remembered their faces, there was too many of them to even try. But the sounds of their voices,  that always stayed with me. That I could never forget. 

Sensual,  sultry,  whispering sinful promises from full lips.

God, their voices I always remembered. 

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my best friend 

​That’s my best friend that’s my best friend 

My best friend has always been with me

From the very beginning 

Been by my side

Fed me when I was hungry 

Soaked my temple when I was alone and overheating 

….That’s my best friend that’s my best friend….

Was there through the good times 

When there was nothing but smiling faces and sunny days 

Bowls of isiewu and bottles of God’s liquid

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Edible Catering

Mama Divine beamed as she watched the sea of bodies struggle for a spot in front of the line. 

“Ah ah,  it’s my turn na”

“I’ve been standing here since o”

“Omo no try yourself o, better put my own!”

She couldn’t believe it. There’s so many of them. 

Some in their suit and ties,  some in their labourer shorts. There was even a woman wearing a bridal dress!

She glanced at the corner, and let out an involuntary spurt of laughter.  continue reading......

the sacrament 

It’s that time again. I can smell the excitement in the air,  can feel it deep in my marrows. My arms grip the steering wheel tighter as I navigate the pothole ridden road,  driving slowly but surely to my temple. 

Damn. It’s been so long. So so long! 

 I park the vehicle in front of the cabin,  step out and walk over to the passenger’s side,  opening the door like the gentleman I am. The gentleman my mother taught me to be. 

The raven haired girl was still asleep, her not so bountiful bossom heaving up and down gently as she breathed.  continue reading......